Daryl Deen

ISSA Certified Master Trainer 


Personal Fitness Training
Specialist in Strength and Conditioning
Specialist in Bodybuilding
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Senior Fitness Specialist
Certified Sports Nutrition
DNA Specialist

Specialist in Exercise Therapy

Entered the San Francisco Police Academy in February 1982 where I quickly learned the importance of health and fitness. Worked in the Mission District for most of my career as a patrol officer and did my entire career on the street. During my career as an officer I received 6 Medal of Valor’s. 2 Bronze Medals, 2 Silver Medals, 2 Gold Medals and over 50 commendations along with being awarded Officer of the Year. I then took up Competitive Bodybuilding in 1992 which helped me mentally and physically.

Retired in May 2008.

Personal Fitness Trainers:
Michael Thurmond: founder of 6 week body makeover and extreme body makeover in 1982
Flavio Buccianini: IFBB Pro who trained me in Open Competitions as well as the California Police and Fire Games and World Police and Fire Olympics at World Gym/Show Place Square in San Francisco, Calif. 1992-1998
1992 California Police & Fire Games: 1st Place Masters (40 -49yrs) and Overall Winner
1993 Sacramento National Qualifier: 2nd Place (Open Competition (18-39) Middle Weight)
1993 World Police & Fire Olympics, Colorado Springs, 1st Place Master, Overall Winner
1994 Albuquerque New Mexico National Qualifier: 1st place (Open Competition) Overall Winner.
1995 World Police and Fire Olympics, Melbourne Australia. 2nd Place (Open Competition)
1995 Las Vegas, Nevada. NABBA Nationals. 1st Place (Open Competition) Overall Winner
1996 Hayward Classics, Hayward Calif. 1st Place, Overall Winner
1997 New Jersey Classic, NABBA Qualifier for the Universe in Birmingham England. 1st Place Open Competition Middle Weight. Needed Overall
Hold National Qualifying Titles (Body building) in NPC & NABBA
Managed World Gym in Corte Madera, California for Dr. John Gourgott. During that time John taught me about equipment and how to be successful in Gym Operations.

Tammi coombes

  Tammi is a former ballerina, dance instructor and currently the gyms Martial Arts Instructor. She is an ISSA Certified personal trainer and soon to be competitive body builder. She will compete in her first bodybuilding competition this summer in the NPC women's physique division. She began serious weight training two years ago and has made tremendous progress, and would love to share everything she has learned with you!

Sean Ball

During my younger life I had a very fast metabolism and had a hard time putting on any size. It was so bad I wore long sleeve shirts to hide my skinny arms. My mother tried to get me involved in weight lifting and nutrition but always found excuses not to do it. She told me that the only person that can change my life and the way I look is myself but I had to put work and effort into it for it to happen. It wasn’t until I was around 24 years of age and wondering what I was going to do in life when I decided to take her advice. As I watched my mother compete in bodybuilding and achieve her goals in health and fitness it was then when I decided that I wanted to become a personal trainer and help others with their personal goals in health and fitness. I then started working out with my mother at World Gym and immediately started seeing results in my body. I then joined 24hrs Fitness and soon became employed by them. During my employment with 24hr Fitness I was able to get my Certification in Fitness and Nutrition. In 2008 I moved to Grove Oklahoma with my mother where we built G Sports and in doing so I've continued to be able to help others with their fitness needs and goals.